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About Us

Şahin Tanker ve Nakliyat

Dear customers,

Since the first day we were founded in 1973, we are serving you in industrial manufacturing, without compromising our principles and quality. As a company, we will strive to maintain and improve the same quality in the coming years. Under the ŞAHIN TANKER brand, we will continue to be a strong manufacturer that closely follows the developments in the sector, implements them quickly and leads the sector. Over the years, our business partners' trust in the ŞAHIN TANKER brand has increased exponentially, and the pride that this trust brings has further increased our perseverance and desire to provide the best service to our business partners. Together with all our colleagues who are experts in their field, we will continue to work without stopping to serve you better every day.


Our priorities include always keeping customers' satisfaction and efficient outcomes first, adapting quickly to emerging technologies and competitive conditions in the market, producing in line with environmental and human health criteria, and continuously making improvements in line with the employment we create and the exports we achieve and contribute to the country's economy.

To improve our standards of total quality management and to maintain our success in customer satisfaction, which we have grown since 1973, and to sustain our growth. To improve our quality and manufacturing capacity, according to new technologies, requirements and necessities of the era. To create a productive and compatible work environment with our team and customers.

· Paying attention to the satisfaction of our partners before and after sales 

· Caring about  society and environment

· Adopting the principle of continuous improvement and development in the field of production

· Always keep partners' satisfaction at the forefront

· Keeping a close eye on technological advances

· Constantly working to achieve the best by taking our power from production quality.

· Collaborating with customers and suppliers on quality

· Adopt and implement an understanding of total quality management

· Working with people who are competent and equipped in all fields

· Delivering high-end service and solutions